Sunday, July 28, 2013

The steps of H-E-L-L

So I guess it's UPDATE-O'clock...

This past week, I have had off of work and took the opportunity to get some kick ass workouts in .. including conquering the god damn Glenora steps or as I like to call them... the steps from H-E-L-L. The first day I was only able to go up and down them once, the second day I did two rounds of  the 202 steps which totals 808 steps...

I would also like to report that not once did I puke while doing the rounds however, I felt like death, shaking legs, jello legs but it was a good feeling.

Back to work this week, which means that workouts will have to be moved to early mornings (i mean REALLY early, or after work). I am thinking that I will try to do some more cross training workouts, combining core/ab workout with running/steps. Thanks to new Oiler Andrew Ferrence who introduced the November Project to the #yeg world . This just might be the challenge I need!

People often ask me what goal I am looking to reach, for me it's not about goals anymore it's about continually making strides in becoming healthy, and staying healthy. Its about so much more than what I look like on the outside, it's about how it feels inside of me. 

Keep on Keeping on!
Eat. Healthy. Be Healthy. Stay Healthy

- The Former Beluga Whale 

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