Sunday, July 28, 2013

The steps of H-E-L-L

So I guess it's UPDATE-O'clock...

This past week, I have had off of work and took the opportunity to get some kick ass workouts in .. including conquering the god damn Glenora steps or as I like to call them... the steps from H-E-L-L. The first day I was only able to go up and down them once, the second day I did two rounds of  the 202 steps which totals 808 steps...

I would also like to report that not once did I puke while doing the rounds however, I felt like death, shaking legs, jello legs but it was a good feeling.

Back to work this week, which means that workouts will have to be moved to early mornings (i mean REALLY early, or after work). I am thinking that I will try to do some more cross training workouts, combining core/ab workout with running/steps. Thanks to new Oiler Andrew Ferrence who introduced the November Project to the #yeg world . This just might be the challenge I need!

People often ask me what goal I am looking to reach, for me it's not about goals anymore it's about continually making strides in becoming healthy, and staying healthy. Its about so much more than what I look like on the outside, it's about how it feels inside of me. 

Keep on Keeping on!
Eat. Healthy. Be Healthy. Stay Healthy

- The Former Beluga Whale 

Saturday, July 20, 2013

The FORMER Beluga Whale is baaaaack

Its been a long time since I did an entry in this blog and lots has happened so I figured it was time for an update. In January, I lost my mom to a heart attack, I still have no words to describe how I'm feeling or what i am feeling, it is still surreal, its still numbing to think about. The weeks following her passing, and up until today I could have very well slipped off my healthy lifestyle and reverted back to eating the way I used to, and like magic that weight that once conquered my life would have returned. HOWEVER, I made sure that was not something I was going to let happen, I have worked FAR too hard to let it all slip away, just like that.

In my last entry, I had mentioned that I had just registered for the 10K in the Calgary Marathon....Well I did it, on May 26th, I ran 10k in 1:25.04, I have never been so proud of an athletic achievement as I was that. Even as recent as 2 years ago if you would have asked me if I would run a 10k I would have laughed and made some excuse as to why I couldn't do it...

Well there it is the textbook, I survived photos .. the one on the left is last years 5k and the one on the right is this years 10k... the next challenge will be a BIG one as it will solidify an item on my bucket list, which is running a half marathon. I am probably going to do this 10k again next year, maybe get some friends to run with me.. and hopefully in a year or 2's time I will be writing to you saying I have registered in a half marathon. 

When people ask me what the most difficult thing is about losing the weight, and doing it the old fashioned way like I did, this is my response, "I decided to change my entire lifestyle, and I cut out the junk cold turkey. This method has no guarantees, there is not magic formula, my motivation was becoming a better version of me. In order for me to want to keep it up I needed the guarantee that it would fit in my routine, and that I didnt have to live a different life because of my "weight loss plan". The results were slow, it was a process but over 3 years I have now lost over 50lbs and am living a more confident and healthy life which was my end goal. 

Another milestone I have hit since writing last is I went to Palm Springs, CA with my dad and I rocked a 2 piece bikini for the first time in my ENTIRE life... I still have a ways before i'm truly confident in wearing it but here is a snap shot of me on the beach in Hawaii in 2008 and me in Palm Springs 2013.

One last thing, as we are well into summer in YEG, I am looking for some people who would be interested in running the Glenora steps, running/walking in the river valley and doing some core workouts... email me at

Thanks for reading as always!! 
Get Healthy, Stay Healthy, be the truest YOU you can be!

- The Former Beluga Whale