Sunday, September 22, 2013

Update from Former Beluga Whale

Hi Readers (I assume there is at least 1 or 2 of you out there)

First, I am still going Monday and Wednesdays to November Project workouts, this past week I brought my older brother to destination deck. Burpees were the pain of choice by Andrew Ference for the Fire Drill, needless to say I was not impressed but I pushed through because well, there was no other choice and I felt great afterwards. This was my second week with November Project, and I am happy to say that the soreness is starting to dissipate. Unfortunately after monday, my allergies got the best of me and I wasn't able to join the tribe on Wednesday, but now I am healthy and ready to get back at it. Don't be intimidated by the workouts, anyone can do it, all you have to do is show up ready to work.

Secondly, I am in need of some new healthy meal recipes... I have allergies to seafood so please no recipes with that as a main component. Please send me your favorites, either in my comment box below or via email at and subject recipes.

Its a short one this time around! Hope to see you all early Monday morning at Destination Deck!!

Get Fit, Get Healthy, Stay Fit, Stay Happy
-Former Beluga Whale

Monday, September 9, 2013

In love with Fitness

Hey folks,

Time for a little work out update.

I have continued to do the Glenora Steps once a week with a friend of mine which does wonders for my motivation.

This monday I added a little spark to my workout routine I went to the November Project: Destination Deck workout held by the Oilers newest defenseman Andrew Ferrence. It was probably one of the most amazing and motivating workout I have ever been a part of. Before it began, we all had to turn to the person beside us and introduce ourselves and share a hug. After that the warm up began, Coach Dallas Eakins along with 3 other newbies and Andrew Ferrence, each person picked their own exercise, all of them were fine, UNTIL Coach Dallas Eakins makes us do 5 BURPEES (i know hate burpees in case you didn't get the idea). After the warmup, we separated into groups of 10 around the leg pool and started the bulk of the workout. While doing what is called a "fire drill" I was feeling it, and when I started to slack I had a team member, (complete stranger) come up beside me put a hand on my back, and said "come on you can do it, we will finish it together".

Its amazing the impact of a strangers words, and as we got back to our group and finished that leg, I felt like not just 1 of 160 enthusiasts but part of a family, that was there through thick & thin. Edmonton not only gained a defenseman when Andrew Ferrence came, they gained a motivator and inspiration to the masses.

For more information follow @Nov_ProjectCA

Now as for me, well I was inspired by what I saw today and I have decided that I am going to continue to go to Destination Deck Mondays with Nov Project and the stairs, then in January of 2015 I will run in my very first half marathon. I am not just running for me, I am running to rid myself of all the pain, anger and hurt I have felt over the last year, losing my opa and my best friend, my mom. I am running because I can, I am running because I never thought I would be able too, I am running because I am never going back to being a fraction of my old self.

thats all folks!
- Former Beluga Whale