Saturday, February 1, 2014

Update from the former Beluga Whale... Smoothie Obsession


I am back for a little update on things. Since January 204 has started I have decided to change things again to help lose this belly pocket. I am working out still 1-2 times a week, drinking smoothies every morning, and limiting my coffee intake to 2-3 cups a week instead of 4 cups of coffee a day (I just love the stuff). I have recently went from strictly fruit smoothies to adding spinach to them, which has added additional fibre to my smoothies and its delicious.

Over the weekend I have been looking for different ways to kick up my smoothies and decided to try Dr. Oz's 7 day swimsuit cleanse (the link is below). I am not one to believe in or do cleanses however, this cleanse still allows you to have portioned meals in conjunction with smoothies.

I have been reflecting a lot on my journey to being a healthier, fitter me, and wanted to share one important piece of advise for people wanting to do the same, DON'T focus on the numbers. Weight is simply a number, that can create so much stress, emotional turmoil and self esteem shattering for people of all ages. NOT once did I turn to a scale to weigh myself or over analyze how I was doing or how much lbs I had lost that week or day or even a month. The only number that ever started to matter was the number on the pant size as it started to drop and even at that it was a celebration, a little extra motivation and "YAY ME" not something that I analyzed and ridiculed but the fruits of the work I had done.

Weight loss is as much a mental fight as it is a physical one, its about training your body and your brain to think and operate in a way that it is not used too. The ONE thing I attribute to my weight loss success is that I did it for ME, not for the approval of a boy, family, or friends I did it because I knew that I deserved better, my body deserved better. Its not about numbers its about energy levels, positivity, motivation and most of all its about YOU!

Below are links to the cleanse and some great smoothie recipes!

The only person that can make a weight loss successful is the person doing it, not a magic pill or diet but a commitment to a lifestyle and a new love of themselves!!

Thanks for reading,

Former Beluga Whale!

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