Friday, May 2, 2014

Update from the Inner Belgua Whale...Spring in Action

It's been a while since my last post so I thought I would give an update! 

It's been a crazy month of April, on the 10th I had surgery to remove my tonsils then on April 22 I started a new chapter in my career by starting a new job and on April 23 I started life as a 24yr old. 

During my 2weeks of being in recovery I could only eat limited liquidy foods and couldn't do any exercise. 

Now that my recovery has come full circle, I have started back in my routine, which is alo motivating because it is finally spring outside, meaning I get to move to outdoor workouts (which are my favorite). 

As a part of my new exercise routine, I have started an exercise journal to track my workouts each day. My goal is to do my workouts at least 3x a week that include combination of strength, core and cardio. 

This is a sample of what day one looked like for me. I also plan to add running short distance and biking on my off days . My goal is to develop a consistent exercise routine that I can do within the walls of my own house and outside. 

As we all know, exercise is just a part of the equation for living with a healthy lifestyle. The other part is a healthy diet. For me my struggle with my diet is having  all meals that work within my lifestyle. I would have really great healthy breakfast and supper but lunch was always a struggle because during my job I was often eating lunch in my car which made eating healthy difficult. 

Since starting my new job, I have started prepping my lunch with snack like healthy foods like apples, carrots and grapes along with main course of salad so that I can snack healthily on the road and then when I stop I can still enjoy my salad 
This is an example of what my lunches typically have looked like. 

At the end if this post, I would like to give a shout out to my best friend and roommate Sarah. She has been taking back control of her diet and exercise and she is rocking it out and looking amazing.

 I am so proud of her and her motivation, she has inspired me to re-kick start my routine, keep on going, because in the end the confidence and faith you feel within yourself is the best reward! 

Peace Out!
-former Beluga Whale 

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  1. Your lunches look delicious! I find prepping for lunches is time consuming but so worth it. Every time we make dinner I always try to make extra so that we can take it for lunch the next day!