Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Transform Yourself

Over the past few weeks, I have had a lot of people ask me about my workouts and how to start their journeys to getting healthy and fit.

If you are just starting your journey here are some tips of the trade that I have been sharing. 1. start walking. Walk as much as possible throughout your day and then Start at short distances that you know you will be successful, this journey is as much psychological as it is physical, so do things that you know you will see success with. e.g.. walk 2 blocks then 3 blocks then 5 blocks increasing every time you go. don’t push yourself too hard or set high expectations that will discourage you more than encourage.

2. Eliminate some of the hard stuff, and find substitutes for others. Don’t try to change your whole diet at once, as the cravings will be really hard and most likely cause you to buckle. Again start things that you can see being successful. Add veggies as snacks to lunches, eliminate one BIG trigger such as chocolate but still have something like sugar free pudding to satisfy those sweet cravings when they come. Substitute things like pop for sparkling flavoured water instead of completely eliminating it from the get go.

3. Portions and Cravings: Portion control is an important part of starting a new diet, instead of changing the whole diet, start by changing the amount that you eat of each thing even if that means that you are eating a lot of little things throughout the day that are healthy that is better than eating big meals that are not as healthy. Cravings are the worst part of changing your diet because it makes you want all the things that tempt you for this reason its really important to get rid of all the crap in your kitchen that is tempting and start making more meals rather than going out nothing is healthier than controlling your own meals, if its out of sight it starts to become out of mind. When you start changing portions keep in mind you will most likely feel like your starving yourself but really its just your stomach adjusting to your changes. This was the hardest part for me but once you get over the hump you are better for it.

4. its a process, a long, sometimes very slow process: keep your mind positive, that is going to be your most important tool is teaching yourself to think I walked 2 blocks today and had carrots instead of chips… I’m doing good. Don’t get too discouraged if the numbers don’t show, I didn’t step on a scale until I had already lost 3 sizes because for me weight is just a number and will always be a number, most important is how you feel about yourself.

5. Drink LOTS of water!!

In addition, here is what I started with as part of my strength and core circuits as well as what I do for cardio(my least favourite). An important thing to note is I have listed the values of these exercises at base level so if you want to start doing my circuit you can go from this and then gradually increase each time you do it. I typically do the circuit 2-3x a week and cardio 1-2 with a rest days in between depending on recovery as I like to push myself pretty hard.

Strength and Core Circuit

- Abdominal Twists(Upright)- 2minutes
For this exercise I stand with my legs shoulder width apart, with hips stagnant I twist from side to side. When starting this exercise it may be helpful to have someone stand behind you and hold your hips so they don't move while you are twisting. I would increase by minute increment each day. Beware this is an exercise at first that could make you sore the next day

- Push ups and Sit ups:
as a way to make a sit up and push up rotation "fun" I downloaded the free dice shaker app on the iPhone and just hit shake every time I get to push ups and sit ups and i record each value to count up values at the end. Don't over exert yourself doing these, especially the push ups will leave you very sore the next day.

- Side Planks
I have fund side planks to be much easier to ease into than a full plank. I would start with 5-10sec plank and then increase a few seconds each day. Make sure to alternate sides of the plank.

-Jumping jacks
I like to throw n5-10 jumping jacks into the circuit to get the heart rate up and they are something everyone can do.

As you start to get comfortable in your circuit you can add your favourite core/strength exercises and increase levels of difficulty to your exercises.

Hope this is helpful.... Remember none of this matters if you don't have the right motivation and are prepared to change your diet...

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Friday, May 2, 2014

Update from the Inner Belgua Whale...Spring in Action

It's been a while since my last post so I thought I would give an update! 

It's been a crazy month of April, on the 10th I had surgery to remove my tonsils then on April 22 I started a new chapter in my career by starting a new job and on April 23 I started life as a 24yr old. 

During my 2weeks of being in recovery I could only eat limited liquidy foods and couldn't do any exercise. 

Now that my recovery has come full circle, I have started back in my routine, which is alo motivating because it is finally spring outside, meaning I get to move to outdoor workouts (which are my favorite). 

As a part of my new exercise routine, I have started an exercise journal to track my workouts each day. My goal is to do my workouts at least 3x a week that include combination of strength, core and cardio. 

This is a sample of what day one looked like for me. I also plan to add running short distance and biking on my off days . My goal is to develop a consistent exercise routine that I can do within the walls of my own house and outside. 

As we all know, exercise is just a part of the equation for living with a healthy lifestyle. The other part is a healthy diet. For me my struggle with my diet is having  all meals that work within my lifestyle. I would have really great healthy breakfast and supper but lunch was always a struggle because during my job I was often eating lunch in my car which made eating healthy difficult. 

Since starting my new job, I have started prepping my lunch with snack like healthy foods like apples, carrots and grapes along with main course of salad so that I can snack healthily on the road and then when I stop I can still enjoy my salad 
This is an example of what my lunches typically have looked like. 

At the end if this post, I would like to give a shout out to my best friend and roommate Sarah. She has been taking back control of her diet and exercise and she is rocking it out and looking amazing.

 I am so proud of her and her motivation, she has inspired me to re-kick start my routine, keep on going, because in the end the confidence and faith you feel within yourself is the best reward! 

Peace Out!
-former Beluga Whale