Monday, October 19, 2015

All about the numbers

Update from the former Beluga Whale,

This post is titled "all about the numbers" but the numbers is not referring to the numbers I see on the scale. 

The first number I want to talk about is 60. 60 is the number of pounds I can successfully squat bare lift for 5 sets of 10. 60 is also the number of pounds I can bench press for 10 sets of 10. 

The next number is 70. 70 is the amount of weight I lift when doing sit ups for 9 sets of 10. That's 90 sit ups with 70 pound weight! 

Following that is 115. 115 is the number of pounds I can dual leg lift. 

Many people focus on only the numbers that they see in the scale, when really the numbers that should be focussed on are the numbers that truly show your progression and your strength. 

Every time I smash a personal record, the excitement of for the achievement not on the end result on the scale. 

90% of sustaining a healthy lifestyle is your outlook on the work you already have done. 

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