Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Blast from the past: Former Beluga Whale becomes a Bride

Hi there,

I have decided I am the world's worst consistent blogger... That being said, let's get this sh*t started.

where oh where to begin, well prior to sitting down to write this, I went shopping which normally I would dread and end as soon as possible but today it was a celebration because for the first time in my life I was able to wear comfortably and purchase size 6 pants and size small tops... now if you are reading this post as an entry to my blog I suggest you head back to the beginning to see the significance of this celebration and a better understanding of my journey --> The Beginning.

Now for the rest of you, prior to this accomplishment I have started a new workout regime of signing up for a gym membership and have am going every morning before work for a 60min workout. For me, I feel as though I couldn't have joined a gym 3 years ago and stuck to the consistent routine I have now. I now believe that I had to understanding changing my diet and learn to LOVE fitness naturally before I could appreciate all of the benefits of a gym membership.

One other thing, over the last couple weeks (since joining the gym) even my fiance who has always been my biggest fan and supporter through everything has taken notice and told me I needed to go shopping because he knows that my pants are too big and have a "saggy butt" going on.

The journey of fitness and healthy living continues to change and evolve with me as my life reaches new heights and crosses new paths. The other thing that I have truly come to appreciate is the love that I now have for my body with all its imperfections, curves and muscles, I have gained such an amazing inner confidence because of this journey..

I know my momma is looking down from above and thinking "you are smokin because of who you are not because of what you look like"

Until next time
- former Beluga Whale