Tuesday, July 12, 2016

The best version of me

Well figured it was time to write a little update as I am the worst at updating blogs on a regular basis.

During the last year, I often heard the phrase "oh your working out for the wedding" and "are you still going to workout after the wedding". Well my answer to the first phrase is NO- I didn't work out just for the wedding-- did I want to good my best for the best day of my life of course I did but that was not the sole reason or only motivation for doing so. From the start of this journey 6 years ago was putting myself first- my health- my happiness. For me this journey (which is life long) is not to become a "target size" on a pair of clothing or a number on a scale, my motivation is to continue to be the best version of myself from the inside out. As a person who often puts people before myself this was my way to put me at the top of the list.

Recently I was sitting on couch watching tv, I looked down at my legs specifically my "thunder thighs" which have been my least favourite part of my body for as long as I can remember and I saw my thighs with a lump on the side and initially thought " how could these things get any bigger are you kidding me" but then when I ran my hand along it I realized it wasn't "jiggling jelly" it was rock hard muscle. I now don't refer them as thunder thighs I refer to them as thunder muscle!

After some inner reflection I wanted to offer this final thought- the journey to being the best version of yourself is more than just the numbers it's about the confidence, the happiness, the pride that you feel inside. Also being healthy and fit doesn't mean you never indulge in cake or wine or cheese or pizza ( cause that's just crazy talking) it means that after a weekend or a night of deliciousness- you get back on the horse and you take that "walk of shame" to the gym or around the block to walk it off and start again( there is NO shame in that) . I think as a society we need to stop "punishing" ourselves for "falling off" the wagon or not eating as well as we like- it not how many times your fall but how many times you shake off the fall and get back on the journey.

Be the best version of you- always (without or without the cake)

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